9-12hs – Morning Papers – 4 Parallel Sessions

12-14hs – Lunch

14-16hs – Afternoon Papers – 4 Parallel Sessions

16-17.30hs – Keynote Session: Heitor Almeida (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign-

Professor of Finance) and Stanley C. and Joan J. Golder (Chair in Corporate Finance)

“Risk Management with Supply Contracts”

Chair: Leonardo Resende (PUC-Rio)

17.30hs – Coffee break

18-19.30hs – Policy Session “Why are Interest Rates so High in Brazil”

Samuel Pessoa (FGV/IBRE) and Persio Arida (Oxford)

Chair: Marco Bonomo (Insper)

Parallel Sessions

Education and Health – 9-16hs

Coordinators: Naercio Menezes Filho (Insper and FEA/USP) and Fernanda Estevan (FEA/USP)                        

Bladimir Carrillo (UFV) and Jose Feres (IPEA) “Low Birth Weight and Infant Mortality: Lessons from Brazil”

Discussant: Vladimir Ponczek (FGV/EESP)

Ana Trindade Ribeiro (FEA/USP) and Fernanda Estevan (FEA/USP) “Affirmative Action Outcomes – Evidence from a law school in Brazil”

Discussant: Claudio Ferraz (PUC-Rio)

Nina Cunha (Stanford University), Ricardo Madeira (FEA/USP), Guilherme Lichand (Harvard University) and Eric Bettinger (Stanford University) “What Is It About Communicating with Parents?”

Discussant: Cristine Pinto (FGV/EESP)

Eric Avis (University of California), Claudio Ferraz (PUC-Rio), Frederico Finan (University of California) and Carlos Varjão (Stanford University) “Money and Politics: The Effects of Campaign Spending Limits on Political Competition and Incumbency Advantage”

Discussant: Fernanda Estevan (FEA/USP)

Renata Narita (FEA/USP) “Non-Contributory Health Insurance and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Mexico”

Discussant: Naercio Menezes Filho (Insper and FEA/USP)

Labor, Inequality and Poverty- 9-16hs

Coordinators: Andre Portela Souza (FGV/EESP) and Cecilia Machado (FGV/EPGE)

Solange Gonçalves (FEA/USP) and Renata Narita (FEA/USP) “Household job search and labor supply of secondary earners in the family”

Discussant: Braz Camargo (FGV/EESP)

Lucas Finamor (FEA/USP), Bruno Ferman (FGV/EESP) and André Portela Fernandes de Souza (FGV/EESP) “Quality of education and human capital decisions: experimental evidence from Brazil”

Discussant: Ana Beatriz Pousada (PUC-Rio)

Cecilia Machado (FGV/EPGE), V. Pinho Neto (FGV/EPGE) and Christiane Szerman (CPI/PUC-Rio) “Youth Responses to Cash Transfers: Evidence from Brazil”

Discussant: Bruno Ferman (FGV/EESP)

Ana Beatriz Pousada (PUC-Rio) and Gabriel Ulyssea (PUC-Rio) “Public Sector and the Allocation of Skills in the Labor Market”

Discussant: Solange Gonçalves (FEA/USP)

Braz Camargo (FGV/EESP), Fabian Lange (MicGill University) and Elena Pastorino (University of Minnesota) “Earnings Dynamics: The Role of Learning, Human Capital, and Performance Incentives”

Discussant: Gabriel Ulyssea (PUC-Rio)

Growth and Trade – 9-12hs

Coordinators: Tiago Cavalcanti (Cambridge and FGV/EESP) and João Paulo Pessoa (FGV/EESP)

Emanuel Ornelas (FGV/EESP), Grant Bickwit and John L. Turner (University of Georgia) “Preferential Trade Agreements and Global Sourcing”

Discussant: Marcos Nakaguma (FEA/USP)

Cezar Santos (FGV/EESP), Tiago Cavalcanti (Cambridge/FGV/EESP) and Georgi Kocharkov (University of Konstanz) “Family Planning and Development: Aggregate Effects of Contraceptive Use”

Discussant: Marcelo Santos (Insper)

Gabriel Madeira (FEA/USP) and Fernando Kuwer (FEA/USP) “Earmarked Credit and Misallocation”

Discussant: Tiago Cavalcanti (Cambridge/FGV/EESP)

Industrial Organization 14-16hs

Coordinators: Leonardo Resende (PUC-Rio) and Fabio Miessi (PUC-Rio)

Christian Huse (Stockholm School of Economics) and Nikita Koptyug (Stockholm School of Economics) “Taxes vs. Standards as Policy Instruments: Evidence from the Auto Market”

Discussant Ariaster Chimeli (FEA/USP)

Giovanni Compiani (Yale University), Philip Haile (Yale University) and Marcelo Sant’anna (FGV/EPGE) “Identification and Estimation of Auction Models with Endogenous Participation and Continuous Unobserved Heterogeneity”

Discussant: Leonardo Rezende (PUC-Rio)

Jayeeta Bhattacharya (Queen Mary University of London), Nathalie Gimenes (PUC-Rio) and Emannuel Guerre (Queen Mary University of London) “A Quantile Approach for Ascending Auctions with Asymmetry”

Discussant: Rodrigo Moita (Insper)

 Macroeconomics and Finance 9-16hs

Coordinator: Marco Bonomo (Insper) and Felipe Iachan (FGV/EPGE)

Raphael Corbi (FEA/USP) “Regional Transfers Multipliers”

Discussant: Felipe Iachan (FGV/EPGE)

Wagner Gaglianone (BCB), Raffaella Giacomini (UCL), João Victor Issler (FGV/EPGE) and Vasiliki Skreta (UCL) “Survey Design and Forecast Accuracy”

Discussant: Ricardo Brito (Insper)

Kolja Johannsen (University of Warwick) “Toxic Arbitrage and Price Discovery”

Discussant: Bruno Cara Giovannetti (FGV/EESP)

Gustavo Araujo (BCB) and Jose Valentim Vicente (BCB) “Estimação da Inflação Implícita de Curto Prazo”

Discussant: Fernando Chague (FEA/USP)

Fernando Chague (FGV/EESP, Rodrigo De Losso (USP), and Bruno Giovannetti (FGV/EESP) “Individual Investors and the Price Tag Illusion”


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