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WP116 – Present Bias and Underinvestment in Education?

This paper examines the long-run impacts of income shocks by exploiting variation in coffee cultivation patterns within Colombia and world coffee prices during cohorts’ school-going years in a differences-in-differences framework. The results indicate that cohorts who faced higher returns to coffee-related work during school-going years completed fewer years of schooling and have lower income in adulthood. These ndings suggest that leaving school during temporary booms results in a signi cant loss of long-term income. This is consistent with the possibility that students may ignore or heavily discount the future consequences of dropout decisions when faced with immediate income gains. JEL codes: J24; O12; O13. Keywords: coffee price shocks; transitory income shocks; human capital accumulation; opportunity cost of schooling; long-run impacts; schooling Download do Paper Ano: 2019 Working-paper: 116 Bladimir Carrillo Ler todos os Posts de Bladimir Carrillo’s Share...

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WP 109 Low Birth Weight and Infant Mortality: Lessons from Brazil

Abstract – Governments devote considerable resources on reducing the incidence of low birth weight with the reasoning that low birth weight is the cause of poor infant health. Much of what we know on the causal link between these variables comes from developed countries. However, these estimates may have limited external validity to the developing world if families with more resources are better able to remediate the effects of poor neonatal health. This study uses unique, rich data and a within-twin identification strategy to estimate the effect of low birth weight on infant mortality in Brazil. We document that the effects of low birth weight are much larger than those derived from the US and Norwegian context. This finding suggests that applying from these economies to poorer countries may be misleading for cost-benefit assessments of policy. Download do Paper Ano: 2017 Working-paper: 109 Bladimir Carrillo Ler todos os Posts de Bladimir Carrillo’s Share...

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